How to Deal with Guilt

Posted by on Friday | January 18, 2013

How to Deal with Guilt


Guilt could be nature’s way of saying that we have done something wrong. It can be healthy because it allows us to reflect on our actions so we can avoid doing the same mistakes all over again.

However, feeling guilty often makes us feel terrible and frustrated. This emotion is something that crushes our heart and soul into pieces, and leaves us with such a heavy emotional burden. Living every day of our lives with guilt may cause us to have lowered self-esteem, weigh us down, and prevent us from moving on. Being submerged with these negative thoughts might even put us in a depressive state.

To help you overcome these guilt feelings, here are a few words:

Establish why you feel guilty
Ask yourself why you’re feeling guilty. Are you guilty because of something you did wrong? Are you guilty because of something you could’ve done but you didn’t? Or are you guilty because others blame you and make you feel so? Guilt can be a healthy way of reminding us of the things we should not do again. But if there is not enough reason behind it, you better let it go and bring with you the lessons you have learned.

Make necessary changes sooner
If your guilt can be lessened by taking a specific action such as by doing what you were unable to do or by apologizing, then do so. Do it as soon as possible to prevent your situation from worsening.

Accept it and forgive yourself
What’s done is done, and there is nothing you can do to change it. At one point or another, you will be left with the only logical thing to do, which is to accept the situation and learn from the consequences of what you have done. By forgiving yourself, others would do so as well.
Everybody feels guilty at certain points of their lives, and this is backed up by the universal truth that nobody is perfect and we are all prone to committing mistakes. So if ever you are feeling guilty about something, don’t let it haunt you forever — let it go.


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